Boob Implants

For some people, boob implants are a blessing because they help make women’s breasts look better. However, boob implants don’t come cheap and having boob implants have some repercussions that women should know about if they are considering undergoing such a procedure.

Breast implants can alter the appearance of your breasts in two ways – by changing the shape and changing the size of each breast. Boob implants may also vary when it comes to profile, shape, external surface layer, and external thickness. A boob implant is usually considered a cosmetic procedure though in some cases boob implants are required for medical reasons. Boob implants are not automatically required when a woman’s breasts start to sag – rather, if you feel your breasts are sagging you may just require a breast lift which is a different procedure altogether.

Breast augmentation can be done with implants and may be otherwise known as augmentation mammoplasty. In this procedure, boob implants are inserted over the breast muscle or under breast tissue. The size of each boob implant range from as small as 120 milliliters to as big as 850 milliliters.

One procedure that complements traditional boob implants is known as fat grafting breast augmentation. This procedure helps to smoothen out imperfections that become apparent after a boob implant is done. In this procedure, the surgeon will rely on liposuction to get fat from your own body, then transfer this fat into your breasts.

There are currently two common types of implants that you can choose from. Saline-filled implants are boob implants made from elastomer silicone that has a sterile filling of saline solution. Silicone implants are also manufactured from elastomer silicone with a viscous filling of silicone.

There is a less popular type of implant known as the alternative composition implant – this one has a filling made of other substances including soy oil and polypropylene string. Between saline implants and silicone implants, many women tend to choose silicone implants more because they seem softer and smoother than the saline filled kind. For women who do not have much breast tissue, silicone implants may be preferable.

Because of concerns over the safety of using silicone implants, researchers are developing new types of silicone implants called cohesive silicone gel implants. These new implants are believed to sustain their shape after surgery better than traditional silicone implants plus feel and look more natural. There is also a new type of saline implant that may permit implant volume to be amended following surgery. There are concerns that the older types of implants – particularly the silicone type – may rupture within the breast and cause health problems, hence the need for the better implants.

Some factors that may affect the effectiveness of boob implants are how many incisions are made to insert each implant, the type of incisions the surgeon opts to make, and how each implant is inserted into the breast tissue. Each factor may affect the cost of boob implants as well as recovery time.

Breast Augmentation Prices